About  Diane . . . . .

I am attracted to the vibrant metallic colors and reflective qualities of Dichroic Glass.  My artistic career started with Raku pottery using the copper and crackle finishes.  I expanded my horizons with Fused Glass, continuing to incorporate bold colors and interesting textures in my Art. 

 Originally educated in the Technical-Analytical area of Computer Science, I worked in the large corporate environment for sixteen years.  I began concentrating full-time on pottery/ceramics, glass, and photography twenty years ago.  I have trained in all areas of ceramics, studying hand-building, wheel-throwing, and sculpture as well as a variety of glazes and finishing processes.  Many firing techniques have been tried but the focus has always returned to Raku because of the multitudes of colors and patinas that can be created with this primitive firing method.  Raku can be described as unpredictable, uncontrollable, and addictive.

 I began working with Glass Fusing over ten years ago focusing primarily on jewelry although also experimenting with larger pieces.  The metallic colors of Dichroic Glass are reminiscent of the Raku patinas and therefore quickly became another obsession.

 I hold a Master of Education degree with Art History emphasis as well as degrees in Computer Science, Fine Art, and Photography/Digital Imaging.  I am currently represented at Ammann Gallery and Open Space Gallery in Taos for four and fifteen years respectively.  I spent part of my time in Taos for fourteen years and permanently moved five years ago.

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